How to make a Salted Honey Old Fashioned Whisky Cocktail

Ahh, the old fashioned. Some things never go out of style, and despite the name, this popular cocktail is still a very much loved modern favourite. It’s a recipe that is well-travelled, with each family and Whisky brand having their own twist but everybody should know how to make an old fashioned cocktail.


How To Make A Salted Honey Old Fashioned

  1. Mix all of your liquid ingredients into a cocktail shaker, stir (not shake) gently until everything has combined
  2. Introduce the salt and continue to stir until the salt has dissolved completely
  3. Fill your favourite glass with ice
  4. Strain the cocktail gently over the ice
  5. Garnish with a twist of orange peel
  6. Get comfortable, sit down, and enjoy an old fashioned way to drink Whisky

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