How To Make The Perfect Dark'N'Stormy

Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with at the best of times, no more so than when she is kicking up a storm. Dark billowing clouds, thunder rumbling across the sky as the landscape around you is momentarily illuminated by lightning as the rain pours down. It’s scary, but it’s mesmerising. 

The undeniable elegance and beauty of such storms have been the focal point of many pieces of art throughout history. We thought it was about time that we paid tribute to the Dark’N’Stormy shores of Barbados with our own recipe: The Perfect Storm.

Have you seen our Dark’N’Stormy Bundle? Get a fantastic rum, that was designed to be mixed along with some great ginger beer to make your own Dark’N’Stormy.

Key Information:

You Will Need:

  1. Add the ice to the glass and stir round to chill the glass
  2. Pour the rum over the ice
  3. Introduce the ginger beer, pouring into the glass at a slight angle to prevent over-bubbling
  4. Add the lime juice and stir gently
  5. Balance the lime wedge on the edge of the glass
  6. Sit back, enjoy and watch as your very own Dark’N’Stormy rolls and swirls around your glass, like your very own hurricane.
How To Make A Dark'N'Stormy Cocktail

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