Lindemans Gentlemans Collection Cabernet Sauvignon

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Lindemans Gentlemans Collection Cabernet Sauvignon

Price : £50.59
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Wine of South Eastern Australia
With a Dash of Fortified Wine

Lindeman’s Gentleman’s Collection.
Indeed a wine choice for the discerning gentleman. If ever there was a gentleman of the winemaking world it was Dr. Henry J. Lindeman. He knew a thing or two about living a fine life, so you would be wise to pay attention.

A Guide to Chivalry and Integrity Rule No. 1
Language, Please
A gentleman can make a perfectly emphatic point without the use of profane language. This is not to say he is not versed in profanity. But he frequently has something better to say.

A Guide to Chivalry and Integrity Rule No. 2
Forgo Frills
A gentleman does not over-adorn his wardrobe with flair. If his singularity cannot be expressed with a necktie, pocket square or wrist watch, it often needn’t be expressed at all.

A Guide to Chivalry and Integrity Rule No. 3
Avoidable Topics
A gentleman avoids all topics religious or political, and especially topics that are religiously political (and vice versa). He is an expert at steering conversation away from that kind of thorny terrain.

A Guide to Chivalry and Integrity Rule No. 4
Never Upstage
A gentleman does not let his taste in clothes speak louder than his taste in company and conversation, though sometimes his company speaks much more loudly than he.

A Guide to Chivalry and Integrity Rule No. 5
Be (Mostly) Honest
A gentleman does not tell a lie, except when it is in the best interest of everyone involved. He is skilled at deciphering when. Precisely, those occurrences are; he errs on the side of dishonesty in matters of vanity weight.

A Guide to Chivalry and Integrity Rule No. 6
Flaunt Modesty
A gentleman is well versed in many topics, but he never shows off his expertise. Those familiar with his intellect do not need to be reminded. Those unfamiliar will bear of it in due course. That covers most.

A Guide to Chivalry and Integrity Rule No. 7
Embrace Brevity
A gentleman does not use a thousand words when ten good ones will suffice. He uses a thousand words only when reciting verse or quoting a person far less succinct.

A Guide to Chivalry and Integrity Rule No. 8
Find Yourself
A gentleman does not need to consult a map. He knows where he is going – and the best route to take – far in advance of a trip to a foreign land. He does admire cartography though.

A Guide to Chivalry and Integrity Rule No. 9
Others First
A gentleman is finely tuned to the needs of others. He does not just open doors and hold umbrella; He does everything in his power to make sure all of his guests and companions are as comfortable as he. The fairer ones, he’ll concedes, should be slightly more comfortable than he.

A Guide to Chivalry and Integrity Rule No. 10
Listen Up
A gentleman never mind or eyes wander during conversation. He is an excellent listener. Proficient at both well-deployed witticisms and engaged silence. He does not interrupt, and has never been successfully interrupted.

For calorie information see – www.gentlemanscollection.com/calories

Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon

Recyclable Packaging:

Product Weight: 7980g

Product Dimension: 30 × 25 × 17 cm

More about product:

Storage Temp: Ambient

Nutritional Information:


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