Summer Cocktails

One of the perks of the great British summer is that it gives us all time to unwind in the sun. From BBQ’s to a cool beverage in the warm evenings, there are endless ways you can quench your thirst when you make cocktails. However, no matter what time of year you’re reading this post, the following recipes can still be enjoyed in equal measure.

Here are our top easy cocktails to make at home to inspire you. 

Buck’s Fizz

buck's fizz

New to making cocktails and need help making your mind up? A buck’s fizz cocktail is one of the easiest cocktails to make and requires no specialist equipment. It’s perfect for picnics or lazy sunny afternoons in the garden.

Method: Pour 50ml of orange juice into a glass. Add in 100ml of champagne, such as Taittinger Brut Reserve. As very little effort is needed here, it’s a good idea to make a pitcher instead, especially as the quantities are easy to follow. 



Made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City, the Cosmopolitan is the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavours. Its pink hue is highly recognisable, especially when garnished with a slice of lemon. 

Method: Grab your cocktail shaker and add 50ml of vodka. As for the vodka you choose, a regular variety such as Smirnoff works well. However, you can also experiment with the taste, by using a lemon or even summer berries flavoured vodka. Next, add in 25ml triple sec and ice. Shake well, and then use a strainer to pour into a glass. Add a slice of lemon to finish, or simply serve on its own as above. 

Old Fashioned

old fashioned

If you are in the mood for something a little more suave and refined, then try an old fashioned. It’s a drink that develops differently as you taste it, with the addition of ice at the end forever changing the flavour. 

Method: An old fashioned is whisky based, and you have the option of using a traditional Scotch whisky, an Irish whiskey or opting for a bourbon instead which is a little sweeter. Place 40ml whisky in with 10ml of elderflower cordial and 10ml of sauternes. Stir the mixture together, and finish with a (preferably) large ice cube. Grab some lemon peel and infuse the oils into the drink, and swirl around the top of the glass to serve. 

Singapore Sling

Singapore sling

Strong hints of red fruits make up the Singapore Sling, a cocktail which originates from the 1920s. There’s a little more work involved with making a Singapore Sling, but it’s well worth it for the delicious taste. 

Method: Add 25ml of dry gin, 25ml of cherry brandy, and 25ml of benedictine into a mixing glass. Add ice and a few drops of angostura bitters. Pour your mixture into a tall glass (or a pitcher as above if you’re entertaining!), and add 50ml of pineapple juice and 25ml of lime juice. Finish up with some sparkling water to top up the glass. 

Vodka Martini

vodka martini

The vodka martini is one of the most iconic cocktails on the planet. It can be served in several ways known as traditional, wet, dry or dirty. Let’s take a look at how bartenders classically make it…

Method: Measure out 60ml of vodka into a cocktail shaker. Grey Goose works excellently for a vodka martini. Next, add 15ml of Vermouth and ice. Despite what James Bond may tell you otherwise, you’re actually going to stir and not shake the mix. Strain into a chilled martini glass and serve either with crushed olives or a slice of lemon. 

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Cocktails can be enjoyed anywhere, including at home. Best of all, most of them are really easy to make. So, whether you’re having a party at home, or fancy recreating your summer holiday in the garden, cocktails make the perfect accompaniment. We hope the above list has inspired you, but of course, there’s plenty more to discover too! Practically every spirit from vodka to Martini, gin to whisky can be used to create mouthwatering cocktails.

Be sure to leave us a comment below, and let us know your favourite cocktail recipes. You can also tag us over on Facebook, where you can send us your pictures, and let us know how you serve your cocktails to your guests. Remember, if you need to stock up here at Bring Me Drink we sell a wide variety of spirits, and we’ll even deliver them straight to your door!