Pulling a pint

After a hard day’s work, is there anything more satisfying than retrieving a cold beer from the fridge? Beer has been a drink of choice for us humans for over 5,000 years now. Rather than seeing it as just a regular staple, people are constantly looking for new ways to reinvent the experience. One such method is craft beer, which is produced on a much smaller scale than is the case with traditional beer companies.

With an estimated 19,000 craft beer companies operating around the world, it’s an industry that is continuing to go from strength to strength. With craft beer, you are drinking something that has been handcrafted with expertise and dedication at every level. 

Interested in knowing what to look out for when buying craft beer? Today we’ll be delving into this very topic by providing you with the following craft beer buyers guide. 

What Is Craft Beer?

It’s fair to say that craft beer is not your standard Heineken or Bud Light. The term ‘craft beer’ is deliberately ambiguous because brewers consider a lack of a specific definition part of the magic. However, craft beer can be narrowed down to beer that is produced by independent brewers, often within a community setting.

People who make craft beer are extremely passionate about what they do and are involved in every step of the brewing process. As a result, craft beer is considered to be of better taste and quality than regular beer. The unique flavours combined with the creative artwork that typically adorns craft beer bottles help it to stand out from the regular beer that you’ll find on the shelves. For those who make craft beer, it’s a way of life and this sense of pride can be tasted in every sip. 

Iconic Craft Beer Brands

Craft Beer Taste

While it can be argued taste is subjective, the flavours of craft beer are commonly described as crisp, bitter, yeasty, fruity, and smooth. As craft beer is often experimental, there are endless combinations of flavours you can find such as coconut and mango or even orange and vanilla. Though most people opt for the traditional beer flavours which stem from the simple use of yeast, hops and barley. Depending on the craft beer you choose, it may focus on one more than the other which will produce different flavours. 

The taste of craft beer also comes from what takes place during the brewing process too. Compared with larger breweries, craft beer companies operate on a much smaller scale. Therefore, the batches may differ in taste, though this is often seen as a positive because the product is constantly being tested and refined. So instead of getting the same experience as you would from a mass-produced beer, craft beer always offers something that little bit unique. 

Most people find the flavours come through a lot stronger with craft beer. As a result,  you savour each glass rather than drinking lots of bottles in a row as you might with regular beer. When served in a taphouse setting, craft beer is about learning about the process to understand the taste in greater detail. 

The Best Way To Enjoy Craft Beer

Beer should be served cold, but to what exact temperature depends on the variety you drink. It’s important not to serve beer too cold as this will impair the flavour, which is especially true for craft beer as it’s flavour is its stand out feature. While most craft beers will be sold in bottles or cans, the best glass to serve it in is something like the Riedel Veritas Beer Glass, which is specifically designed for you to be able to swirl the beer to release the aromatics. 

Craft beer breweries are popping up all over the UK, and offer an alternative to drinking at home or even in a pub. As well as offering tours showing you how your drink is made, many breweries have seating so you can come and enjoy the finished product in a relaxed setting with friends. In fact, over the last decade craft beer breweries have become incredibly trendy locations. Not only can you sample the beer itself but you also have a spot of street food too, which is the perfect accompaniment to your beer. The idea being craft beer is about the community aspect so it’s about bringing people together. 

Of course, you can also replicate the beer garden experience at home by ordering craft beer online and inviting your friends over too! Along with firing up the BBQ, it is the perfect way to unwind.

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Craft beer is all about taking the time to learn and appreciate what goes into every variety. It’s brewed by those who truly love beer and want to bring something new and exciting to the market. When it comes to buying craft beer, it’s all about experimenting with tastes to discover new flavours. 

We hope you’ve found our craft beer buyer’s guide helpful. Be sure to check out our beer selection as we stock a wide range of brands. Best of all, your beer will be delivered straight to your door!