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vodka buyer guide

Vodka Buyers Guide

Vodka is a clear spirit that is a popular accompaniment to mixer drinks. It’s also commonly used as a base for cocktails such as in a vodka martini, white Russian, or a cosmopolitan. Similar to beer, vodka also has a brewing and fermentation process. However, some key changes within the distilling process means the alcohol content increases to around 92%, which is the main difference between the two. The final solution is then blended with water to reduce the alcohol content to around 40%, allowing the finished vodka to be enjoyed in a variety of different settings. 

From night’s out with friends to brushing up on your mixology skills, vodka is a spirit with lots to discover. Here is our vodka buyer’s guide to tell you everything you need to know about the world’s top-selling spirit, that first originated in Russia in the early 1400s. 

Standard vs Premium Vodka

Vodka is made from anything fermentable. For example, Grey Goose is made from fermented wheat. Like most alcoholic beverages, not all vodka is created equal. Vodka is usually categorised as being ‘premium’ or ‘standard’, but what does that mean? 

Standard vodka is made from the likes of sugar beet and potatoes, and even from the by-products of other processes. However, premium vodka only uses quality grains and is more likely to feature bespoke infusions such as orange, rose, vanilla, and mango. Premium vodkas have a much smoother sensation when consumed. 

Another factor that sets standard and premium vodka apart is the distilling process. Kauffman Soft Vodka describes its production process as being “distilled fourteen times and filtered twice. Once through birch coal, and once through quartz sand.” Standard vodka still needs to go through strict distilling processes to be able to reach the market, but the steps will not be as refined. However, what both standard and premium vodka have in common is they are both deliciously refreshing, especially when combined with the right mixers.

Popular Vodka Brands

Flavoured Vodka

absolut vodka buy online

Vodka is produced in an extremely wide array of flavours. Here at Bring. Me. Drink. our flavoured vodka spans taste notes including cherry, mandarin, citrus, pear, mango, vanilla, green apple, toffee and many more. 

The advantage of flavoured vodka is it constantly reinvents the experience. If you are planning a get-together and don’t want to carry lots of different spirits to make a cocktail, flavoured vodka can quench your taste requirements with ease. Best of all, it adds a new twist onto the standard vodka and lemonade.

Let’s take Thunder Toffee as an example here. It originates from the French Alps and features triple distilled grain vodka and is infused with natural toffee syrup. Toffee is an unusual flavour to find within spirits, especially vodka. It completely reimagines the idea of vodka being a strong, neat spirit into something warm and comforting. 

The range of different flavours you can experiment with will instantly transport you to faraway lands, bringing a new dimension to the standard vodka most of us play safe with. Not that there’s anything wrong with that either! 

The Best Way To Drink Vodka

how to enjoy vodka

Vodka is best served chilled, and amazingly even if placed in the freezer it will remain in liquid form. If you don’t have a freezer to hand (such as in a bar or at a party) filling the glass with ice first is essential to ensure the temperature remains low. Ideal glasses for vodka include a shot glass, martini glass, or a highball glass.

There are several ways you can consume vodka, which includes neat in a shot glass, with a mixer or within a cocktail. The best option to go for depends on whether you are looking for a quick hit, or want to enjoy the taste a little longer, which is preferable especially with flavoured vodkas. That being said, vodkas are usually drunk in quick succession compared to other spirits or beer. So, you may want to opt for vodka shots before moving onto other spirits. 

To Sum Up

Vodka is considered the spirit of choice as not only can it be consumed neat but also comes in a wide variety of flavours. The main difference with vodka is either it’s labelled as standard or premium, with the latter often featuring a more sophisticated blend as well as a higher price tag.

We hope you’ve found the above information useful. Check out our full range of vodkas that you can buy online which can be delivered straight to your door. 

Let us know your favourite vodka recipes! Do you drink it before heading out, or do you mix it with a special cocktail blend? You can also tell us over on Facebook where we post the latest news, information and competitions or follow us on Instagram (bringmedrink) to stay up to date with all that goes on here at Bring Me Drink. Cheers to that!

July 01, 2022
By james
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