Popular 2022 Drinks You Need To Try

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Popular 2022 Drinks You Need To Try

As we see the end of 2021 and hope for much better things in the year ahead, our drinks experts have been putting together the popular drinks of 2022 that we think you need to try. As we have learnt over the past few years, nothing is certain, and nothing can be predicted – but there has been evolving trends and popularity to drinks that looks set to stay for the year ahead.

It really does seem that the big and bold flavours are back with vengeance. Guilt-free indulgence is key for a lot of drinkers too. Colourful and celebrity backed beverages are popular as we enter 2022, and finally, simplicity will dominate drinks in 2022.

So, with this in mind, let’s look at the popular 2022 drinks that we think you need to try.

Celebrity Wines & Champagnes

While celebrity endorsements of drinks are nothing new, they are growing in popularity. George Clooney and his coffee adverts, along with Jennifer Aniston and her water adverts, not to mention the countless celebrities promoting fizzy drinks and energy drinks – they are all leading the way for celebrity endorsement drinks. Many champagne houses and vineyards are partnering up with big name celebrities to boost their wines and champagnes. John Legend, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Kylie Minogue & even Snoop Dogg are all partnered up with champagne houses and vineyards. These partnerships have been created with the aim of bringing millennials to the world of champagne and wine. This is great news as we are seeing some really delicious drinks bring brought to the market.

Boxed Wine

During the pandemic, boxed wine came back to our shelves with abundance. It quickly became the go-to beverage in supermarkets. However, it also became popular in restaurants too. Boxed wine is much easier to store and is more sustainable and environmentally friendly too. While it used to be just the cheaper wines that were available in boxes, even the more premium wines are struggling to keep up with the positive benefits of boxed wine. Some wine connoisseurs feel that boxed wine means poor quality wine, industry experts feel this thought process is changing, and fast!

Pre-Mixed Cocktails

During lockdown a lot of people enjoyed following mixology tutorials online. This enabled them to make their own favourite cocktails at home since all the bars were closed, and they had time to do it. However, time is short again, but drinkers still want to be able to enjoy their favourite cocktails. This is why canned cocktails have become so popular. You can have a wide selection of cocktails in the fridge, without having 20+ different cocktail ingredients to make them. The grab and go cocktails taste great, are quick and convenient and definitely here to stay.

Big, Bold Flavours

Big and bold flavours are coming in liquors right through to non-alcoholic beverages too. You can expect to taste some well-known and easily recognisable flavours such as watermelon and cherry, as well as other familiar fruity favourites. Previously drinkers would opt for gentle spritzes of flavours, but we can already see this is changing as drinkers lean towards the loud and proud flavours of just one note. Straightforward flavour drinks are also very popular with those recovering from covid and getting used to the changes in their senses.

Low Alcohol Explosion

Health and wellbeing are extremely popular topics of conversation at the moment. It’s in all the media, on the TV and pretty much everywhere we look. So, is it of any great surprise that some people are moving away from alcohol to protect their health and wellbeing? This has resulted in a huge growth of popularity for non-alcoholic and low alcohol beverages. There has even been the introduction of non-alcoholic botanical gins as an alcohol free yet enjoyable beverage.

Story Based Drinking

Lots of drinks are coming to the market that have strong stories tied to cultural & regional influences. This is especially the case for spirits, and more so the spirits from craft distilleries, small and micro distilleries. For example, many gins made in India will used locally sourced botanicals. Rums from Hawaii will often be distilled from Hawaiian sugarcane too. Consumers are becoming more interested in the story and background of spirits and this has led to a growth in spirits that are culturally and regionally influenced.

Keeping Local Spirits Up

Over the course of the pandemic, lots of consumers have decided to shop locally and shop small. This has become the consumers way of supporting their local businesses and brands that are on their doorstep. Spirits have really benefited from ‘local shoppers’. During the lockdown lots of mini and local distilleries popped up, all with a selection of great spirits and alcohols. When shopping for alcohol, look for spirits that are made locally or those that are made using locally sourced ingredients. You will notice a clear difference in flavour.

It’s All Pink

Different Pink and Rosé Drinks

Throughout the dark days of the lockdown, many wine drinkers changed from white or red wine, to pink wine drinks that brightened up their ‘after work drinks’ on Zoom. Many supermarkets saw a huge growth in sales for Rosé wines. In fact, Waitrose found that rosé wine was their highest performing wine category. Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s noted that they saw a huge demand in rosé wine too. However, they also noticed that pink-hued beers were up 237% and blush cider was up 49% – both pink drinks. Spirits with hibiscus in were also incredibly popular and look set to be for the coming year, offering a sweet and tart flavour along with a hot-pink hue.

Rainbow Aperitifs

It’s not just the pink shaded drinks that are popular among drinkers. Drinks such as Negroni have really grown in popularity and gained momentum in recent months. This can be seen on cocktail menus in bars and pubs, but also on the supermarket shelves and in online alcohol shops. Aperol has grown in popularity, as has Pampelle Grapefruit Aperitif. Both of which are fabulous drinks with great looking colours too.

Dark Spirits

The high-end dark spirits are growing in popularity, however more so at certain times of the year. For example, the sales of high-end dark spirits are up around the festive period and also Father’s Day.  High-end rums, Scotch and Cognac are really popular for 2022. They act as a great first step into the world of drinking neat spirits. They also offer a mix of cask strengths and rare expressions that drinkers love. Malt whiskey has really grown in popularity in the last few months and experts would be surprised if this wasn’t a trend that is here to stay.

One thing that always sets the trend for the following year is New Years Eve. As people attend house parties or the local pub, they are likely to try new drinks and enjoy different spirits. They will find ones they like that they haven’t tried before.

Due to the last 2 years of uncertainty, many people haven’t tried new drinks with friends, so New Years Eve is the perfect opportunity for exactly that. As people try new drinks, these will also lead to the trends of the following year as they like what they drink, drink it more and recommend the drinks to others too.

What drinks are you looking forward to enjoying in 2022?

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July 01, 2022
By ryan-knighton-2
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