The Ultimate Gin Buying Guide

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Ultimate Gin Buying Guide Perfect Gin Tonic

The Ultimate Gin Buying Guide

When you’re in need of some cool refreshment gin is the spirit of choice. This carefully distilled drink perfectly sums up summer in a glass, though equally is just as enjoyable all year round. Served with tonic, ice and lemon, or as a base for a cocktail, gin is plentiful in both taste and creativity. Combining over 1,000 years of history since it was first discovered, there are now thousands of varieties to choose from including old favourites such as Gordon’s and Bombay Sapphire and newer bespoke brands that have since come to the forefront. 

Gin is a very versatile spirit covering a range of flavours, undertones and even colours. Here’s our gin buyer’s guide to tell you more about this delicious tipple to inspire your next purchase. Pull up a glass!

The Taste Of Gin

According to The Morning Advertiser, over 66 million bottles of gin are drunk every year in the UK. The taste is undoubtedly what makes gin so popular here and around the world. Everyone has a unique sense of taste, but the common words used to describe the flavour of gin include fresh, light, and zesty. 

To be able to be labelled as gin, the spirit must be predominantly made from juniper which is an aromatic fruit. This already gives gin a distinctive base but is just the start of the process. The total range of botanicals used typically includes anywhere between 10 and 50 different ingredients. 

The distillery process can also affect the taste of gin, with the two most popular methods being steeping and vapour infusion. As an example, Bombay Sapphire is made from vapour infusion. This involves the botanicals passing through a copper basket to capture the flavours, which produces an aromatic liquid. The exact blend of botanicals used is a secret that only two people in the world know, keeping its unique appeal.

The amount of factors that can influence the taste of gin is what makes it so versatile. It’s also one of the reasons craft gin companies have flourished in recent years as there’s an endless array of blends to discover. 

Flavoured Gins

Flavoured Gin Buying Guide

Aromas play an important part in gin, and in recent years flavoured gins have added a new dimension to the taste of this much-loved spirit. Popular flavoured gins include blueberry, elderflower, lemon, orange & ginger, raspberry, rhubarb & ginger, and violet among many others. If you haven’t tried flavoured gins before, they are a great way to shake things up, especially as there are so many different types to try. Whether you prefer a sweet, bitter, zingy, fresh or earthy undertone flavoured gins has something for everyone. 

Pink Gin

Beefeater Pink Gin Free Glass Included 70cl 64955 1

Despite the recipe first being developed by Gordon’s in the 1880s, pink gin has only been popular since 2017. Yet in this short time, it has taken the world by storm. Pink gin has the freshness of regular gin but is infused with raspberries and strawberries which gives it a tangy kick. As the name suggests, pink gin has a unique blush tone that visually sets it apart from regular gin. Both the colour and taste of pink gin can be perfectly complemented by adding a splash of red berries into the glass before serving.

Geographic Gin

King of Soho Gin 70cl 331328 1

Locations across the world including British cities are all making their own gin. Each has a unique blend of ingredients that capture the characteristics of the area they are based in. For example, King of Soho made in London has been blended with juniper berries, chamomile, coriander, orange peel, liquorice, and grapefruit peel. The aim is to capture the animated nightlife of the city, which is also depicted within the design of the bottle. Other popular geographical gins include London Dry Gin, Plymouth Gin and Pin Gin which is made specifically in Lincolnshire.

Popular Gin Brands

How To Make The Perfect Gin & Tonic

Perfect Gin Tonic Recipe

Gin has been carefully crafted at every stage but the last part is up to you, and how you do so can really make a difference to the flavour and overall enjoyment of the drink. Grab a wide-bodied glass (balloon or Copa de Balon ones work great for gin). Fill the glass ¾ full with ice. The reason for such a generous scoop is because the more ice you use, the less it will melt preventing the gin from watering down. It will also help to keep the glass extra chilled too. Give the ice a quick stir to cool the glass before you pour in the gin.

Depending on the blend of your gin, slice either a lemon or lime and place it in the glass. Rolling your fruit beforehand allows the oils of the peel to seep through adding an extra layer of flavour. Add in a measure of gin (50ml). Lean your glass to one side and then pour in the tonic, which means the entire mix will blend together more evenly to keep the effervescence. Alternatively, lemonade also makes an excellent accompaniment to gin too. Then simply sip and enjoy! 

Find Out More

We hope our gin buyer’s guide will help you to make an informed purchase, and maybe inspire you to try a different variety of gin to those you’ve sampled previously. 

Here at Bring. Me. Drink. we sell a wide range of gins that you can buy online including classic brands such as Bombay Sapphire and Gordon’s, along with flavoured and craft varieties. Our gins can either be bought in single bottles or in bulk which is ideal for larger events and gatherings. We also sell a wide range of mixers including Fever Tree and Schweppes. Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know your favourite gin! 

We are also currently running a gin taste test competition. All you need to do is sample some bottles that we’ll send you and let us know what you think. Yes, really! Places are being snapped up fast so be sure to fill out your details if you are interested!

May 22, 2022
By james
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