The Best Drinks To Stock In Your Garden Bar

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The Best Drinks To Stock In Your Garden Bar

Given the pubs have been shut for most of this year, it could be the case you’ve followed suit of The Doghouse Inn and opened your own garden bar. While you might be quite accustomed to ordering from a bar, standing behind one is a different matter entirely.

Aside from the drinks you like to indulge in, any guests you invite over are going to have their own requests too. If you want a good rating on Tripadvisor (aka the family Whatsapp group!) then it’s time to up your game. 

Luckily you’re in the right place here at Bring Me Drink. Here is our list of the best drinks to stock in your garden bar. Pen and paper at the ready! 

Premium Vodka

Premium Vodka Home bar

If you’re familiar with our blog, you’ll be well aware of the differences between standard and premium vodka. While you can stock the vodka of your choosing, for a bit of class it’s always nice to opt for a more refined vodka such as Grey Goose. In essence, the better quality the vodka you choose, the less acidic it’s going to taste in the mouth. If you enjoy a good old vodka shot then this is even more crucial. 

Vodka in itself is a very versatile drink you that need to familiarise yourself with as a bartender. Your guests may request a simple vodka and tonic or cocktails such as a cosmopolitan, Long Island iced tea, or even a Moscow mule. You don’t have to stick to plain vodka either as there are a variety of flavoured vodkas to explore too. These are great for parties especially as they add colour and life to the drink you serve. Just remember to stock up on a cocktail shaker! 


Beer Home Pub

It goes without saying that most people’s go-to beverage is a beer of some description. Some of the world’s most popular beers include the likes of Heineken, Bud Light, Coors Light and Carlsberg. Though don’t let popularity limit your choices! Here we stock everything from craft beer and even low carb beer, meaning you can keep everyone happy. 

If you’re looking for some variety then Marston’s Classic Ale Mix will give your punters (or just you!) plenty of choices. The amazing illustrated labels will also add some nice decoration to your set up too. We definitely suggest picking your favourites along with trying some varieties that you haven’t come across before. It all adds to the tasting experience, after all! 


Flavoured Gin Buying Guide

No bar would be completed unless it was well stocked with gin. There are absolute classics such as Gordon’sBombay Sapphire and London Dry Gin. These will all go a long way, especially in the summer months when you’ll be getting a lot of requests for a G&T served with ice and a slice of lemon, of course. Don’t forget though that there’s plenty to explore with gin that goes way beyond the stereotypical serving methods.

In recent years the likes of pink gin and flavoured gin have become increasingly popular. These can add some much-needed character to your drink and are great if you are not that confident at mixing cocktails as the work is practically done for you. It’s also a neat idea to build a shelf in your bar and fill it with a line of different coloured gins, this will impress even the most particular of gin connoisseurs who visit your establishment! 

Mixer Drinks

Soft Drinks Mixers

Mixer drinks come in handy in many scenarios when you have a garden bar. Firstly, you have to remember that not everyone is going to want an alcoholic drink. They could be driving, underage or simply teetotal. Having plenty of non-alcoholic options means nobody will be left out, or worse still will have to resort to tap water…nobody wants that at a bar! 

Remember that many spirits pair beautifully to the likes of tonic or lemonade too. Likewise, many cocktails require a variety of different mixers to make them in the first place. Other mixer drinks to stock up on include pineapple juice, orange juice, soda water, and if you plan on making any bloody Mary’s, some tomato juice. As mixer drinks aren’t as concentrated as spirits, you’ll likely go through them much faster so be sure to order plenty for your bar. 

Find Out More

We hope the above guide on the best drinks to stock in your garden bar has given you food (or drink!) for thought. In essence, having a garden bar is all about incorporating your personality and having fun with it. It’s always a good idea to stock up on the staples as well as mixer drinks so that you can make a wider variety of tipples for everyone to enjoy. take a look at a guide on how to host a garden party too for extra advice.

While you’re here you might as well browse the drink in our shop, you can buy alcohol online from us and we’ll deliver right to your door.

If you have a garden bar, we’d love to see it! Be sure to tag us over on Facebook, and let us know your favourite drinks to share. You can also give us a follow while you’re there too, meaning you’ll be the first to find out about all our news, tips and competitions.

May 22, 2022
By james
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