what is beer pong

Whether you’re in need of some lockdown entertainment or have always fancied mixing ping pong with your next drinking session, beer pong is the answer. Rather than using paddles as in a regular game of ping pong, beer pong requires you to make an accurate throw into a cup. 

It’s a great game to play with friends or during freshers week. Or any time you fancy drinking copious amounts of beer, to be honest. Here is our guide to playing beer pong to tell you more. 

What You’ll Need

  • Beer (you’re in the right place for that!)
  • A long table
  • 22 plastic cups
  • 2 ping pong balls
  • Willing players

How To Play Beer Pong

Start by arranging 10 cups on each end of the table in a triangle shape (similar to how you’d set up a pool table). Now comes our favourite part (though we are a little biased!): fill each cup with beer. You’ll be left with two extra cups, which you’ll need to fill with water. Hand one cup of water to each team, and use in case the ping pong ball ends up on the floor.

You can play beer pong either 1:1 or with teams. Each player or team must take it in turns to throw the ping pong ball into one of the beer filled cups. The other team drinks whatever cup the ball lands in, and then removes the cup. The idea is to take out all of the opposing team’s cups. 

A variation on ping pong is bouncing a ball towards the cup, but the other team is allowed to slap the ball away. Any time you knock a beer over in the process, you need to drink it up and the cup is removed. So you need to be careful to knock the ball accurately, otherwise, your team could lose! 

Points To Note

Make sure you make the water cups distinguishable from your other cups. Otherwise, your players might accidentally drink from them. Nobody wants that, especially as if the ping pong ball has been on the floor. Cat hair cocktail, anyone? No, we didn’t think so! 

Also, when throwing the ball your elbow must remain behind the end of the table. If you or the opposing team leans into the throw then this is cheating. 

As there’s a high chance of beer spillage, you might want to play your game of beer pong in a kitchen, or another area where the floor is easy to clean up. 

To Sum Up

We hope the above guide on how to play beer pong has been helpful. Before you can play, you’re going to need lots of beer. From classic beer to flavoured beer, and even non-alcoholic beer we sell it all here at Bring Me Drink. You could even mix the cups up with different beers, to give an interesting new twist on the game. Our banana bread beer would be perfect for that! 

Be sure to tag us over on Facebook or Instagram too, we’d love to see your game in action!